Sunday, March 9, 2014

Walnuts and Mint Chutney

Walnuts and Mint Chutney




  1. 200 g pudina leaves (mint leaves).

  2. 10 akhrot (walnuts).

  3. 7-8 medium Green chillies

  4. Salt to taste.


  1. Clean and wash Mint leaves and Green chillies .

  2. Takeout walnuts from its shell

  3. Put the Mint leaves, green chillies, walnuts and salt in Mixer  Grinder and grind to a paste. If required add little water.

  4. Serve and enjoy the taste of chutney with rice.



1 You can add Orange peel to it to get flavor

2. Green Chilli can be replaced by dry red chilli



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