Tuesday, March 25, 2014




 Plain Flour- 1 cup 

 4 tsp- Melted Ghee ( Clarified Butter) 

 salt- a pinch 

 Water-for making dough 

 Boiled potatoes- 1 cup 

 Chopped coriander- 1/2 cup 

 Chopped chillies- 2 tsp

 Salt- to taste 

 red chilli Flakes- 1 tsp 

 Vegetable oil for deep frying 


 1. Take plain Flour (Maida)

 2. Add Melted Ghee ( Clarified Butter)and pinch of salt. 

 3. Mix well 

 4. Use little water to make a firm dough. 

 5. The dough should be very firm. 

Make small balls and roll them in 5 " X 2" ovals. (You can make round rotis and cut into semicircles) 

 6. Keep aside. 

 7. For filling add vegetable oil in pan over low heat.

 8. Add boiled potatoes (cut in very small cubes), chopped green chillies, chopped Coriander, salt, pinch of salt and red chillies flakes. 

 9. Sauté well and cook for 3 mins. Remove and keep aside for cooling. 

 10. When cooled Fill each samosa (making in cone shape first )with little mixture and seal the cone with wet fingers along the sides. DEEP Fry each samosa in hot vegetable oil in big skillet.

 11. The oil should be hot enough before frying. 

 12. Then keep flame low and fry samosas in low heat. 

 13. You can use any fillings like keema, peas and cabbage mixture All well cooked and dried.

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