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Egg Curry ( Daniel's) recipe

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During British rule, British incorporated Indian spices in their foods and adopted or created some very well known recipes

Jalfrezi cooking method was developed for the British
At the end of the Raj, Indian restaurant in UK developed Tikka Masala

British adopted Malai as clotted cream for 'Bread and Butter Pudding'

Vindaloo was developed during Raj, but introduced by the Portuguese.

Egg Curry (Daniel) Recipe


Florence Daniel published an egg curry recipe using curry powder recipe of Dr. Kitchener.

The Healthy Life Cook Book' by Florence Daniel was published in 1908. The second edition was published in 1915. Mr. Daniel was a 'Straiter', member of a sect of food-reformers .

Heres his recipe

Daniels Egg Curry


1 large onion,
1 dessertspoon curry powder,
1 oz. butter
3 hard-boiled eggs,
1 dessertspoon tomato pulp,
1 teacup water.


Shred the onion, put it in the stew-pan with the butter, sprinkle the curry powder over, and fry gently until quite brown. Shell the eggs and cut them in half.
Put in stew pan with the tomato pulp.
Add water.  Simmer till water evaporates to 1/3rd.
This will take 15 mins.
Serve with rice.

Curry Powder by Dr Kitchner.

3ozs. coriander seed,
2½ ozs. turmeric,
1 oz. black pepper,
½ oz. lesser cardamoms,
¼ oz. cinnamon,
¼ oz. cumin seed

Put the ingredients into a cool oven and let them remain there all night. Next day pound them thoroughly in a marble mortar, and rub through a sieve. Put the powder into a well-corked bottle.

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