Saturday, February 22, 2014

Homemade white Butter

Homemade white Butter

 Collect cream that comes on top layer of boiled milk when chilled in Refrigerator.
Collect 10 days or more in a bowl. Keep that bowl in freezer.
When you want to churn butter. Keep bowl out of freezer and let come to room temp.
Take a mixer tumbler. Pour all cream in tumbler.
For 4 cups cream add 1 cup chilled water.
Whip cream at medium speed in tumbler in mixie/ Grinder . Butter will come on top.
Collect butter in another bowl leaving butter milk at bottom.
Take another bowl having ice cubes in chilled water.
Pour all butter in bowl of ice cold water.
Then using clean hands make balls of white pure butter squeezing extra water.
This way all buttermilk will be extracted from white butter.

Keep butter in refrigerater. This lasts upto a week.

Enjoy with saag makki ki roti or pranthas

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