Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Aloo chop


(Jammu walas Aaloo chop)

On winters Jammu people love Dabaree ( Pressed Aloo Chop ) very much.  It is preapared in Pakodawala shop  in every nook and corner of Old City of Jammu. Served in Leaf Katori (Dona) with lots of Imli and Radish Chutney

This is same as Mumbai walas love Batata Vada.  The only difference is Dabaree is pressed Batata vada which is  fried two times.

Here is the recipe



Boiled potatoes 3 big

 Chopped onion 1

 Chopped ginger 1"

 Chopped green chilli 1

 Chopped corriander leaves handfull

 Cumin seeds 1 tsp

 Dry pomegranate seeds/anardana 1 tsp


 Red chilli flakes 1 tsp

 Besan/ bengal gram flour 1/2 cup

 Oil to fry



 Mash potatoes well.

Add chopped onion, ginger , salt, red chilli powder, corriander leaves, cumin seeds, green chilli, anardana and mix well.

Make small balls out of this mixture by wetting your palms with water.

Keep aside.

With besan make batter with water. Add pinch of salt.

The batter should not be too thick .

 Heat oil in wok.

Dip each potato balls in besan batter / Flour Batter and lift each with spoon and drop carefully in hot oil.

Fry them half ( means 50% fry till outer shell is sealed and light yellow color)

Take them out and let these  cool.

Press each half fried potato ball to give little flat shape.

 ( this is dabaree in dogri Language  means pressed Aloo chops)

Then  refry them in hot oil till brown and crispy

Serve with corriander chutney/ Imli-Radish chutney


  1. I remember eating these in jammu .. got them from a shop near satwari .. (not sure about the exact location )
    Thanks for sharing the recipe.!
    will certainly make them .


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