Sunday, March 22, 2015

Vrat Dahi bhallas

Navratri special

 Vrat Dahi bhallas


curd 2 cups
Black salt
Black pepper powder
Raisins 4-5
Green chilli chopped
potatoes boiled 5-6
5 tbsp singhare ke atta/ water chestnut flour.

For garnishing

mint leaves
Roasted cumin powder
Sounth chutney.


Mash potatoes and mix black pepper,green chilli , salt and raisins. Mix well.

Make small balls in vada shape of this mixture.

In another bowl add water and chestnut flour

Make a batter like you make pakoda batter

Dip each potato vada in the flour batter & deep fry in hot oil to crisp on both sides.

Drain on paper.

Mix curd and salt in a bowl and churn well.

Dip the hot vadas in the curd mixture.

Garnish with mint leaves , roasted cumin powder and sounth chutney.

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