Wednesday, March 11, 2015



 The traditional pancakes made in dogra families in Jammu household for every shagun.

Mostly served to new bride or new bridegrooms on their first visit to inlaws houses....


200 Gms Maida
Cumin seeds 1/2 tsp
Ghee /redfined oil to fry
Sugar- as per taste


1. Mix water in the Maida . Add salt and zeera. Now make batter by continuoisly mixing with hands. Mix for five mins to make fluffy batter

Check the consistency if batter drops from fingers like threads its okay.

2. It should not be runny

3. Heat the pan and put ghee on it so the pancake dips in it.

4. Dip your fingers into the batter and on the hot pan let it fall in threads or like droplets .

The droplets assemble and make a circular pancake.

Make round, circly and random patterns on the pan as you like to create a mesh like structure.

5. Encircle the corners with batter to make a boundary for the kyor so as to give it a nearly round shape.

6. Cook this till the batter is almost translucent for about 2 mins.

Do not flip the kyur. It is supposed to be cooked one side down only.

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