Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Stuffed Dahi Bhalla

Summer is all about melt in mouth Dahi Bhallas
Enjoy soft cool delicacy.

Stuffed Dahi Bhalla

Thick curd 3 cups well beaten
1cup Urad dal (dhuli)
coriander chopped and
mint chopped handfull
cashew nuts chopped 10
ginger grated 1"
chopped green chilli
Fresh roasted cumin seed pwder 3 tsp
Rock salt
Buttermilk 2 cups.


Soak the Urad dal for six hours.
Grind it to a smooth paste using minimum water.
Beat it nicely to make a light batter. If you beat well bhallas become soft n fluffy.
Add salt and mix.
Mix all the ingredients of the stuffing. Keep aside in plate.
Beat curd in bowl. Add rock salt n mix. Keep in refrigerator.
Take butter milk in another bowl and add 1/2 cup hot water. Keep aside.
Take handfull batter on a greased plastic sheet and pat it with wet hands to make a big oval shape
Fill 1/2tsp stuffing in it. With the help of the plastic fold it to get a elongated oval.
Seal the edges. Remove the stuffed bhalla and slide it gently into oil.
Fry on a medium flame till golden in colour. Repeat it.
Then soak bhallas in the butter milk mix for 10 mins.
Squeeze gently and put in dahi.
Garnish with roasted cumin seed powder and red chilli flakes.

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