Saturday, December 13, 2014

Zeera fish pakoda



Any Firm white fish 8-10 pcs

  Freshly grounded roasted cumin 3-4 tbsp

Besan /gram flour  ½ cup

Red chilli flakes 2 tsp

 Garlic crushed 2 tsp



1.Keep all fish pieces in salted water in a bowl for one hour.  Remove each fish piece with hand and keep aside

In a small bowl combine cumin, besan, salt, red chilli flakes , garlic . Mix well and add little water to get dip like consistency .

2 Put wok over heat with oil and heat till smokey

Put each fish in a besan dip and fry carefully in hot oil.

3. .When the fish is cooked through, remove from wok and serve immediately.

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