Sunday, March 5, 2017

Potatoes roll Frankie

Potatoes roll Frankie

Kids favourite frankie


Soft wheat dough
Boiled potatoes 3
Boiled peas 1 cup
Chopped onion 1
Amul cream 5-6 tbsp
Curd 3 tbdp
Corn flour 3 tbsp


Make wheat dough using milk . The dough should be soft and smooth.
Keep it for one hour.
Make thin rotis.
Heat a non-stick tava and make chapatis
Keep aside .
Combine cream with curd. Add little salt. Mix with fork.
Homemade sour cream is ready .
Mix mashed potatoes, crushed peas,
Onions, salt, chaat masala, pepper. Add corn flour . Mix well.
Make rolls out of this mixture .
Heat a non-stick tava and grease it with little oil and cook the rolls till crispy.
Assembling Frankie
Place the roti on a plate. Spread sour cream.
Place one or two rolls on the roti . Press it little and roll it up tightly..
Serve Frankie with fav sauce.
Kid will love it .

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