Sunday, March 5, 2017

Kashmiri Dum aloo

Kashmiri. Dum Aloo


Medium potatoes 9-102 ladles mustard oil.2 tbsp kashmiri red chilli powder 2 tbsp saunf powder (fennel powder).1 tsp saunth powder (ginger powder).1 tsp zeera ( cumin seeds).1/2 tsp kala zeera (black cumin).2 pieces cinnamon2-3 green cardamom2 crushed black cardamom3-4 crushed laung 1/2 tsp Var masala / garam masala. 2 bay leaves3 tbsp curd. (Optional)


Wash potatoes and boil it . Peel and pierce potatoes with small knife or needle . But do not break.
Put oil in a deep frying pan and fry potatoes in medium heat. When they are brown. Lower heat.Now continue to fry on low flame till the potatoes start floating on the surface of the oil.They become crispy.Take 2 tbsp oil in another wok and add cumin, cloves, asfoetida and kashmiri red chilli powder with whipped curd and stir it continuously till dark red colour appears.Put the potatoes in the red puree and toss it in such a way that it mixes with puree evenly.Now add 2 cups water , fennel powder, dry ginger powder, salt, bay leaves, cardamom, black cardamom, white cumin and cinnamon and boil. Put it on a low flame till thick gravy .Add ver masala or garam masala, black zeera and boil for another few minutes.

Serve with Rice.

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