Monday, January 30, 2017

Masala Gur

Masala Gur
Feedback to Minoo Bhasin and Atul Sikand on Sikandalous  cuisine FB group

I added in almonds, walnuts, dry coconut slices , fennel seeds, carrom seeds .
It is fantastic .
The Recipe is as follow s
1 kg gur 
I Table Spoon Desi Ghee 
2 to 3 Tablespoons Almonds -Crush them in mortar pestle ,they should not turn into powder. 
Kishmish/Raisins about a handful chop finely - Adjust.
2 Teaspoons Ajwaiin 
1 Teaspoon Saunf (optional) 
2 Teaspoons Saunth Powder/ Ginger Powder.
Dry coconut small piece sliced finely (optional)
Crush gur and keep aside...
Line a shallow dish with ghee and keep it ready for later 
(I used an old steel thaali of 2" depth)
Put kadai on gas and add ghee to it. Let it melt nicely.. when it's hot add ajwain. Once it splutters add crushed almonds and brown them. Once they are nice golden brown add sliced coconut stir for a bit. Also add Chopped kishmish and stir for 20/30 seconds. You can now add crushed gur. And stir till it melts nicely and is of a pouring consistency ..add ginger powder and stir well...
Once it's all a nicely mixed and there no lumps of gur in kadai it's ready to be poured into the lined shallow dish.Be careful it has to be done very quickly and carefully...empty melted masala gur into lined shallow dish..
After about 15/20 minutes or when it's firmed up a bit make barfi like cuts on it.You can keep them in a airtight jar after cutting in pieces. To be enjoyed after meals in winters.

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