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Leaves Rolls

.The Jammu traditional dogras cuisine is generally using each and every edible part of plant growing in their backyard and kitchen garden. Spinach leaves, Taro leaves used as Wadis/ vadis. We have seen our dadis and nanis extracting the best flavours from leaves.Heres recipe of Pattode. This means Patte ki wadi. Some people call it Patrode too.


1. Spinach leaves 10-15

2. Besan/ chickpea flour 

1 cup

3. chopped onion 1

4. minced garlic 2 cloves

5. red chilli pwdr 1 tsp

6 cumin seeds 1 tsp

7. salt to taste


Make a paste of besan with water. Add chopped onion, cumin seeds, red chilli pwdr, garlic and salt. Mix well. The batter should be just like Thick paste which can spread well.Wash spinach leaves. Leaves should be clean and big in size. No cuts in leaves.Keep it upside down. Apply batter in opposite side or rough side of leave and spread well. Put another leave over it and again apply batter. Make stack of four leaves. Then at last anothet leaf and roll the stack. Close it with toothprick.Do same with another leaves. Fry these rolls or steam them in cooker.If using taro or Kachaloo leaves. The rolls would be big and you need more batter. After frying big rolls you have to cut each each rolls in desired size.Serve with chutney.























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